1. Calling for help approx 45 mins plus questions

Review of latest kit available and how it works – what happens when you have pressed that button!!Includes EPIRBS/PLBs, AIS lifejacket devices such as MOB1 from Ocean Safety, Flares, VHF DSC radios,  SARTs, Apps such as what3words, RYA SafeTrx

Optionally, this session can be followed up with an interactive, scenario-based, team game of approx 30mins duration. The game asks the teams to identify the best calling for help kit for a simulated emergency situation. We have 6 different scenarios where you need to call for help covering power/sail and inshore/coastal/offshore locations.

2. Man overboard – Interactive quiz 60 mins plus question time

Prevention – Spotting- Recovery techniques includes a review of kit and devices for recovery.

3. IRPCS – Collision regulations refresher quiz 60mins

Interactive quiz covering lights, shapes, sound signals and manoeuvring rules.

4. Sea Survival Primer 60 mins plus question time

Cold water shock, life jackets, life rafts; Lifeboat, helicopter & Coastguard rescue procedures (We still have those life rafts in the trailer……)

All the above talks can be offered in conjunction with a Life Jacket clinic. A life jacket clinic will show you how to inspect and care for your life jackets between manufacturer servicing intervals

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