Eve Pank was built in 1999 at the Inshore Lifeboat Centre in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Her cost was paid from a legacy provided by Lieutenant Colonel Pank and named in memory of his wife. She initially served in the relief fleet including periods at Sheringham, Bundoran, Skerries, Brighton, Poole, St Bees and Ramsgate and finally at St Helier on Jersey from 2005 to 2006 before arriving in Falmouth in 2007. Her first service was at Sheringham on 2 August 1999 when she launched to assist two divers who were in danger of drowning.

In the seven years Eve Pank served in the relief fleet, she carried out 147 launches, saved six lives and aided 135 people.

By 2007, Falmouth’s B class Atlantic 21 inshore lifeboat Falmouth Round Table was reaching the end of her service life and was originally going to be replaced with a new Atlantic 85. However, to house this larger class of lifeboat, the boathouse would have required extensive alterations and as an Atlantic 75 was available, the decision was made to place Eve Pank on station at Falmouth.

Eve Pank arrived in Falmouth on 28 June 2007 and her first service at the station occurred a few days later while on exercise off St Anthony Lighthouse during the evening of 3 July. A French Yacht with six people on board had suffered engine failure and was experiencing difficulties trying to enter Falmouth Harbour in adverse weather conditions. The inshore lifeboat located the yacht off Trefusis Point and towed it to the Visitors Yacht Haven.

Eve Pank carried out her last service on 21 August 2019 before being retired. At this time she was the oldest serving station Atlantic 75. She was replaced by the Atlantic 85 B-916 Robina Nixon Chard.

During her career Eve Pank launched on service 832 times including 685 at Falmouth. She saved over 20 lives and added over 700 people.

Length: 7.38m

Overall beam: 2.65m

Length of hull: 6.17m

Weight with crew: approx 3,200lbs

Crew: 3

Speed: 32knots

Duration: 3 hours at maximum speed