Falmouth Lifeboat
RNLB Richard Cox Scott

Falmouth Lifeboat

RNLB Richard Cox Scott (17-29)

The Severn class all-weather lifeboat Richard Cox Scott entered service at Falmouth on 18 May 2001 and was named by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on 1 May 2002 during her Golden Jubilee tour. The Severn class lifeboat is the largest lifeboat in the fleet and is designed to lie afloat and Richard Cox Scott is moored alongside the station’s pontoon berth allowing 24 hour access at any state of tide. The sweeping sheerline design allows for easier survivor recovery. The propellers and rudders lie in partial tunnels set into the hull that, along with the two bilge keels, provide excellent protection from damage in shallow water.

This lifeboat was funded from the generous bequests of Mrs Ruth Marygold Dix Scott who passed away in May 1998, together with other gifts. Mrs Scott had a love for the sea since her childhood and had lived in Cornwall for many years. The lifeboat is named after her late husband.

Construction: Hull:fibre reinforced composite with single-skin section below the chine and 100mm thick foam-cored sandwich above; Deck and superstructure: 25mm foam-cored sandwich.

Crew: 6/7

Length: 17.3m

Beam: 5.9m

Draught: 1.78m

Displacement: 42 tonnes

Fuel capacity: 5,600 litres

Speed: 25 knots

Range: 250 nautical miles

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