Falmouth’s inshore and all-weather lifeboats launched on Bank Holiday Monday evening in response to a family of six cut off by the tide.

At 10.42pm on Monday 25 May, Falmouth all-weather lifeboat Richard Cox-Scott and inshore lifeboat Robina Nixon Chard were tasked to assemble. Having followed procedures put in place due to Covid-19, both lifeboats were launched by the volunteer crew at around 10.47pm

The inshore lifeboat and crew arrived at Mawnan Shear at the entrance to the Helford River and quickly located the group who were all well despite being cold. Taking the casualties onboard, the group were taken to Durgan Beach and passed into the care of Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team. 

The all-weather lifeboat stood by to provide better illumination in the dark and as an extra support to the inshore lifeboat if needed. Once all the group was dropped to the beach, the lifeboats returned to the station to be refuelled and made ready for service at around 12.15am.