Falmouth’s inshore lifeboat Robina Nixon Chard was launched on Friday 10 July to reports of an engine failure.

At 12.28pm, Falmouth inshore lifeboat and crew were tasked to launch to a 16ft sailing dinghy with engine failure drifting near St Anthony lighthouse beaches. 

Inshore lifeboat approaching St Anthony Lighthouse

En route, the volunteer crew were updated that the vessel had drifted into a rock gulley near Shag Rock. Once the vessel was located, a crew member was placed ashore to assist in moving the vessel to a location that it could be towed from. Once in tow, the vessel was taken to nearby St Mawes harbour, and the lifeboat returned to Falmouth station to be made ready for service. 

Inshore lifeboat approaching vessel

Vessel being towed from rocks by inshore lifeboat