Coxswain Jon Blakeston and Tamsin Mulcahy 2

Falmouth volunteer lifeboat crew invited local businesses to the lifeboat station for an evening to say thank you for their continued support shown to their employees’ involvement with the RNLI.

Wednesday 22 May saw the second ‘Employers Evening’ organised by the Falmouth Lifeboat crew. With many local crew members on call, it’s essential that they have an employer who understands not only the vital role that the station plays locally, but also the often 24/7 nature of the crew needing to be able to respond to shouts.

Falmouth crew’s day jobs range from a doctor to HR manager, sailmaker to sailor, so having an employer that is flexible, helpful and adaptable to the demands and uncertainty that lifeboat shouts, and training, place on their staff, is essential to the effective running of the station.

Jon Blakeston, RNLI Coxswain for Falmouth Lifeboat, said: ‘These local companies that employ our volunteer crew have to understand how, by assisting us, you are helping save lives at sea. My sincere thanks for everything you continue to do.’

He then thanked businesses present in particular as, due to their close proximity to the lifeboat station, Falmouth’s crew is able to respond faster, launch and reach casualties quicker than the national average.

“When you think about [the crew] leaving work, driving to the station, getting the brief, kitting up and getting the boats launched, you [employers] letting your employees go without hesitation improves both our response times, and the service we provide, tenfold.”

Local businesses Watson Marlow, A&P Group and Pendennis attended the evening, and were presented with certificates, signed by newly appointed RNLI Chief Executive Mark Dowie, in appreciation of their understanding and support.

Steve Jones, Managing Director Operations and Site Director at A&P Falmouth, who employs three members of Falmouth’s volunteer crew and attended the evening, said:

I would like to thank the RNLI on behalf of A&P Group for introducing myself and my wife to the Falmouth crew and giving us an in depth introduction on what our employees give up and have to train for to save lives. The night was perfect, from meeting the crew to looking around the lifeboat. It’s a fantastic organisation and something the A&P Group are more than happy to support to help keep people safe.”

The evening also involved an introduction to all crew present, an explanation of the first aid kits, demonstration of the lifeboats, casualty care information and a Cornish pasty to round it all off.

Coxswain Jon Blakeston presenting Tamsin Mulcahy of Turn to Starboard with a certificate of thanks RNLI/Adam West
Coxswain Jon Blakeston presenting Tamsin Mulcahy, crew member and employee of Turn to Starboard, with a certificate of thanks