Total launches: 72 (All-weather lifeboat 20 and inshore lifeboat 52)


Date Lifeboat Incident
17/01/10 ILB Dory reported adrift off Rosemullion Head
01/02/10 ILB Open boat reported adrift off Durgan in the Helford River
02/02/10 ALB Irish Ferry Oscar Wilde on Fire 7 miles South of Falmouth
19/02/10 ILB Person reported in the water at Pendennis Marina
21/02/10 ILB Person reported in the water at Gyllyngvase Beach
07/03/10 ILB Capsized sailing dinghy, off Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth Inner Harbour
02/04/10 ILB Yacht Anitra Duck broken down close to Trefusis Point
11/04/10 ILB Search for missing person, Penryn & Falmouth shoreline
17/04/10 ILB Person requiring medical attention on Yacht Amey, off Mylor Harbour
18/04/10 ALB & ILB Search for missing person, between Porthkerris & Coverack
19/04/10 ILB Two persons cut off by the tide, between Gyllyngvase & Swanpool
22/04/10 ALB Yacht Pogo with fouled propeller, 2 miles South of Dodman Point
23/04/10 ALB Concern for person in punt in Falmouth Inner Harbour
27/04/10 ALB Yacht Blue Moncha with engine failure and becalmed 1 mile South of Manacles
28/04/10 ILB Workboat Westone taking water, Percuil River
04/05/10 ALB Yacht Galbrila B becalmed with engine failure, 1.5 miles South East of the Manacles
21/05/10 ALB & ILB Report of Fire onboard a Houseboat, Sailors Creek, Penryn River
23/05/10 ILB Jet Ski broken down, between Swanpool & Pennance Point
28/05/10 ILB Swimmers believed to be in difficulties, off Castle Beach
03/06/10 ILB Person in swamped Mirror Dinghy, Carrick Roads
10/06/10 ILB Person on yacht requiring medical evacuation, off Durgan, Helford River
12/06/10 ILB Five children in an inflatable dinghy being blown offshore, off Carne Beach, Gerrans Bay
12/06/10 ILB Report of Capsized Sailing Dinghy, Carrick Roads
03/07/10 ILB Swimmer in difficulties, off Gyllyngvase Beach
05/07/10 ALB & ILB Fire onboard Pilot Boat Arrow, off Eastern Arms of Falmouth Docks
05/07/10 ILB Small tender in difficulties, off Trefusis Point
11/07/10 ALB Medical Evacuation from Charter Boat Blue Pointer, 1 mile Northeast of Porthallow
14/07/10 ALB Yacht Stravaiger with out power and sails blown out, 37 miles South of Falmouth
17/07/10 ILB People reported in the water, Restronguet Creek
18/07/10 ILB Open boat broken down, Channals Creek, River Fal
25/07/10 ALB & ILB Diver reported overdue, 2.5 miles Southeast of Zone Point
25/07/10 ILB Yacht Islander with fouled propeller, off mouth of Helford River
27/07/10 ILB Yacht Runcible Moon with fouled propeller, Off Zone Point
30/07/10 ILB Open boat broken down, Polwheveral Creek, Helford River
04/08/10 ILB Dismasted sailing dinghy, Off Pennance Point
07/08/10 ILB Motor Boat L’Diane broken down, Messack Buoy, Carrick Roads
07/08/10 ILB Report of unmanned Rigid Inflatable, Off Messack Point, Carrick Roads
07/08/10 ILB Small Rigid Inflatable broken down, Off Swanpool Beach
08/08/10 ILB Person believed to be in difficulty, Upstream from Boscawen Park, in the Truro River
08/08/10 ALB & ILB Yacht Pipeduet II aground, The Hutches, Near Maenporth
15/08/10 ALB Overturned Kayak with persons in the water, off Pennance Point
16/08/10 ILB Evacuation of injured person from rocks, between Gyllyngvase and Swanpool
17/08/10 ILB Capsized Laser 5000 dinghy, off Penarrow Point, Carrick Roads
21/08/10 ILB Small Boat broken down, Carrick Roads
21/08/10 ILB Capsized sailing dinghy, off Mylor, Carrick Roads
22/08/10 ILB Overdue Sunbeam Yacht Clary, Veryan Bay
24/08/10 ILB Punt found adrift, Off Loe Beach, Carrick Roads
27/08/10 ILB Broken down speed boat, 1 mile Southeast of Pennance Point
28/08/10 ILB Diving Medical Emergency, off Gull Rock, Veryan Bay
29/08/10 ILB Sailing Boat in adverse weather conditions, off Manacle Buoy
02/09/10 ILB Overdue Hire Boat, Helford River
10/09/10 ILB Yacht Shady Lady requiring assistance 2 miles Southeast of Zone Point
11/09/10 ALB Evacuation of Injured Esaman from Ferry Commodore Goodwill, Falmouth Bay
30/09/10 ILB Recovery of Body, Port Pendennis Marina
03/10/10 ILB Surfers in difficulty, Porthluney Cove, Veryan Bay
07/10/10 ILB Yacht adrift off Gorrangorras Creek, Penryn River
08/10/10 ALB Yacht I-Go aground on Lugo Rock
25/10/10 ILB Small open boat in difficulties off Penarrow Point, Carrick Roads
28/10/10 ILB Safety cover during offloading of casualties from the Container Ship Vega, Carrick Roads
28/10/10 ALB Standby and then evacuation of personel from Fish Factory Ship Athena, Falmouth Bay
31/10/10 ALB Standby the Sailing Training Vessel Fryderyk Chopin, 20 miles SW of Lizard Point
08/11/10 ILB Report of upturned dinghy off Nare Point at entrance to Helford River
12/11/10 ALB Yacht Audaciter dismasted 3 miles East South East of Manacle Buoy
26/11/10 ALB & ILB Missing stowaway from Mechant Vessel Thuleland, 1.3 miles South of Pendennis Point
10/12/10 ALB Sailing Vessel Signe aground on Black Rock at entrance to Falmouth Harbour
10/12/10 ILB Report of Windsurfer Board in the water off Nare Head, at entrance Helford River