Total launches: 93 (All-weather lifeboat 23 and inshore lifeboat 70)


Date Lifeboat Incident
04/01/11 ILB Search for missing person, between Pendennis Headland and Pennance Point
10/01/11 ALB & ILB Two Kayakers in difficulties in adverse weather conditions off Maenporth
11/01/11 ILB Search for missing person, between Pendennis Headland and Maenporth
15/01/11 ILB Yacht Rhythm on rocks, between St Mawes Castle & St Just
15/01/11 ILB Person in the water from capsized canoe, off Fish Strand Quay, Falmouth Inner Harbour
17/01/11 ILB Assist in the recovery of a dog over the cliff near Portloe
20/01/11 ILB Two people cut off by the tide at Dennis Head near Gillan Creek
22/01/11 ALB & ILB Car over the cliff from the Castle Drive on Pendennis Headland
20/02/11 ILB Tender in diificulties from Catarman Tarquil, Falmouth Inner Harbour
24/02/11 ILB Motor Vessel on Fire, Sailors Creek, Penryn River
06/03/11 ILB Motor Boat Spray Dancer broken down off Greenbank, Falmouth Inner Harbour
13/03/11 ILB Small Motor Boat broken down off Manacles
24/03/11 ILB Safety cover for Fire Brigade at Major Fire at Pandora Inn, Restronguet Creek
25/03/11 ILB Person in the water, off Gas Works Car Park, Falmouth Inner Harbour
27/03/11 ALB & ILB Spoken word Mayday, Fal River & Penryn River areas
03/04/11 ILB Motor Boat with fouled propellor, Tolvearne, River Fal
10/04/11 ILB Small Open Boat out of fuel, Lugo Rock Buoy, St Mawes
16/04/11 ILB Speed Boat Phatna Sea out of fuel, 1 miles ESE of Zone Point
17/04/11 ILB Yacht Wazobia with rope around its propellor, Helford River
17/04/11 ALB Yacht Forte with rope in its propeller, 6 miles South of Dodman Point
18/04/11 ILB Person cut off by the tide, between Swanpool Beach and Pennance Point
23/04/11 ILB Yacht Orzel aground in the Tresillian River
23/04/11 ALB Single handed Yacht Fido requiring assistance, 2 miles Southeast of Falmouth
25/04/11 ILB Diving RIB Mule with seven people onboard aground on the Manacle Rocks
26/04/11 ILB Ski Boat broken down off Messack Point, Carrick Roads
26/04/11 ILB Person stuck in the mud, Gorrangorras Creek, Penryn River
28/04/11 ILB Persons in water with submerged Rigid Inflatable, Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth Harbour
05/05/11 ILB Person cut off by the tide, Pendennis Point
06/05/11 ILB Divers reported in difficulties, Pendennis Point
09/05/11 ALB Yacht Melodrama in collision with another vessel, 12 miles South East of Falmouth
13/05/11 ALB Medical Evacuation of Seaman from Tanker Merope Star, Falmouth Docks
15/05/11 ILB Two persons in dinghy being blown offshore from Maenporth Beach
21/05/11 ILB Five people and punt on the rocks at Nare Cove, near Porthallow
04/06/11 ILB Tender found adrift, off Black Rock Buoy at entrance to Falmouth Harbour
08/06/11 ALB & ILB Eight Scouts stuck on Cliff at Shag Rock, Mawnan Sheer
10/06/11 ILB Open Boat found adrift, near West Narrows in Carrick Road
17/06/11 ALB 60ft Yacht Palawan dragging its anchor, Falmouth Inner Harbour
18/06/11 ILB Two persons in the water, between Greenbank & Coastlines Wharf, Penryn River
18/06/11 ILB Inflatable boat with five persons onbaord on rocks below St Mawes Castle
22/06/11 ILB Report of dinghies adrift off Kiln Quay, Falmouth Inner Harbour
23/06/11 ALB 47ft Yacht Lady Lesley requiring assistance, 3 miles South of Blackhead
24/06/11 ILB Open Boat Margaret broken down and in danger of drifting onto August Rock
01/07/11 ILB 26ft Motor Boat Spray Venture broken down, 2.4 miles SSE of Zone Point
02/07/11 ILB 16ft Motor Boat broken down off Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth Inner Harbour
02/07/11 ILB Report of possible fire onboard Yacht Salmo Salor on mooring in Falmouth Inner Harbour
07/07/11 ALB 30ft Yacht Saffron caught on Lobster Pot off Manacles
09/07/11 ALB 36ft Yacht Stage Sea caught on Lobster Pot off Manacles
10/07/11 ILB Two people in dinghy adrift off Little Falmouth, Flushing
17/07/11 ILB Yacht Slipstream aground north of Carclase Point, Carrick Roads
24/07/11 ILB 19ft Motor Boat broken down and close to rocks at St Anthony Lighthouse
28/07/11 ILB Person in difficulties on rocks between Gyllynvase and Swanpool
28/07/11 ILB Small punt broken down off Pendennis Point
31/07/11 ALB Yacht Hina drifting and requiring a tow, off Zone Point
03/08/11 ILB 14ft Fishing Boat in surf at Porthboer Beach
03/08/11 ALB & ILB Persons cut off by the tide at West Portholland
04/08/11 ILB Windsurfer reported in difficulties off Nare Head, Helford
07/08/11 ILB Person in the water, Newham, Truro River
09/08/11 ILB Family stranded on beach, between East Portholland and Porthluney Cove, Veryan Bay
11/08/11 ILB Yacht Wendy Sue requiring assistance, off Eastern Arm of Falmouth Docks
15/08/11 ILB Evacuation of injured person following a fall, Pendennis Point
16/08/11 ILB Concearn over abandoned tender, off Penance Point
19/08/11 ILB Small punt adrift in Falmouth Inner Harbour
19/08/11 ILB Cabin Boat on the Rocks at St Mawes
19/08/11 ILB Medical evacuation from Yacht Raomer, St Mawes
20/08/11 ALB & ILB Diving Incident onboard dive boat Celtic Kitten, off Lowland Point near the Manacles
29/08/11 ILB Ski Boat broken down, 1 mile SE of Pennance Point, Falmouth Bay
31/08/11 ILB Yacht & Motor Boat aground on Turnaware Bar
31/08/11 ILB Person in the water, off Portscatho
31/08/11 ILB Yacht Little Poppy aground under New Quay, Flushing
31/08/11 ILB Motor Boat broken adrfit and ashore, Falmouth Inner Harbour
02/09/11 ALB Yacht Wave Dancer aground on Black Roc at Entrance to Falmouth Harbour
09/09/11 ALB Diver reported missing 16 miles South East of Dodman Point
10/09/11 ILB Rowing Boat in danger of going ashore, Trefuisis Point
21/09/11 ILB Report of Capsized Punt, off Nare Head, Falmouth Bay
25/09/11 ILB Person and dog in the water, King Harry Reach, River Fal
20/10/11 ILB Motor Boat Little Bee II broken down, 5 miles SE of Pendennis Point
24/10/11 ALB & ILB Surfer in difficulties, off Portscatho
20/11/11 ALB & ILB Report of object in water, 5 miles E of Zone Point
29/11/11 ALB Container Ship Baltic Sea dragging its anchor onto Pennance Point
30/11/11 ALB & ILB Fishing Boat Solitaire with fouled propeller, Pendower Beach, Gerrans Bay
02/12/11 ALB & ILB Search for missing yacht Sweet Pea, between Penryn and Truro
20/12/11 ALB & ILB FV Heather Anne sunk, Gerrans Bay