Total launches: 81 (All-weather lifeboat 31 and inshore lifeboat 50)


Date Lifeboat Incident
07/01/12 ALB Medical evacuation from Fishing Vessel Filadelfia, 27 miles South East of Falmouth
07/02/12 ILB Two persons cut off by the tide between Swanpool Beach and Pennance Point
13/02/12 ALB & ILB Search following report of Mayday, Penryn River, Falmouth Harbour and Carrick Roads
18/02/12 ILB Motor Boat Dragonfly broken down off St Mawes Castle
21/02/12 ALB Fishing Vessel Celtic Star with fouled propeller, 8 miles East of Zone Point
30/03/12 ILB Speed boat broken down and drifting ashore, off Northern Arm of Falmouth Docks
08/04/12 ILB Broken down Dory May be Tomorrow, off mouth of Helford River
15/04/12 ALB Divers reported overdue, 2 miles South of Pendennis Point
22/04/12 ALB Medical evacuation from French Fishing Vessel Boree Al, 4 miles South of Falmouth
25/04/12 ALB & ILB Yacht Skua aground, between Flushing and Kiln Quays, Falmouth Inner Harbour
25/04/12 ALB & ILB Yacht Selkie dragging its anchor, off Custom House Quay, Falmouth Inner Harbour
25/04/12 ILB Refloating of Yacht Skua, between Flushing and Kiln Quays, Falmouth Inner Harbour
25/04/12 ALB Report of upturned rigid inflatable, off Porthkerris Point, Falmouth Bay
27/04/12 ILB Report of person in the water, off Fish Strand Quay, Falmouth Inner Harbour
28/04/12 ILB Capsized Sailing Dinghy, off Queens Wharf, Falmouth Docks
07/05/12 ALB Yacht Sly Dog aground, Trefusis Point, Falmouth Harbour
07/05/12 ILB Dinghy reported adrift, Channals Creek, River Fal
10/05/12 ALB & ILB Yacht Sly Dog aground, Trefusis Point, Falmouth Harbour
10/05/12 ILB Motor Boat Punchinello broken down off Mylor, Carrick Roads
13/05/12 ILB Suspected Heart Attack on Yacht Allia of Mylor at anchor off St Mawes
13/05/12 ILB Motor Boat Merrion aground on Molunan Beach, near St Anthony Lighthouse
15/05/12 ILB Person reported in the water at Harbour Entrance
23/05/12 ILB Search for missing person, between Swanpool and Maenporth
26/05/12 ALB & ILB Report of Hire Boats with 20 people onboard in difficulty, Helford River
26/05/12 ILB Unconscious person on Arthurs Beach, near Swanpool
04/06/12 ALB Yacht Usquabea of Fife caught on lobster pot marker, 6 miles East of Zone Point
06/06/12 ILB Medical Evacuation from Yacht off Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth Inner Harbour
06/06/12 ILB Motor Boat Mambo aground on Turnaware Bar, River Fal
06/06/12 ILB Three people cut off by the tide, Arthurs Beach, near Swanpool
07/06/12 ALB Yacht Ilona aground and other yachts adrift in St Mawes Harbour
07/06/12 ILB Concern for persons onbaord Tosher Penrose in St Mawes Harbour
29/06/12 ILB Person with hand injury on motor boat Main Frame off Durgan Beach, Helford River
29/06/12 ALB Catamaran Fire Fly capsized in Falmouth Bay
05/07/12 ALB & ILB Report of missing person, Falmouth Marina, Penryn River
08/07/12 ALB & ILB Medical emergency onboard Angling Boat Melinda M, off Gull Rock
09/07/12 ALB Fishing Boat Girl Lucy with rope around propellor, close to The Welps, Gerrans Bay
11/07/12 ALB & ILB Person in the water off Grebe Beach, Helford River
12/07/12 ILB Continuation of search for missing person in Helford River
12/07/12 ALB Medical evacuation from yacht Challanger, 1.5 miles South of Dodman Point
12/07/12 ALB & ILB Belgium Yacht Dead Beat taking water, Falmouth Inner Harbour
14/07/12 ILB Motor Boat Sonny Boy with overheating engine, off Nare Point, Helford
15/07/12 ALB & ILB Recovery of body off Grebe Beach, Helford River
21/07/12 ALB & ILB Overdue Hire Boat, Helford River
22/07/12 ALB & ILB Medical Evacuation following collision of Jet Ski’s off St Mawes Castle
26/07/12 ILB Motor Boat aground off Point Quay, Restronguet Creek
27/07/12 ALB & ILB Injured person on Yacht Shira, 6 miles SSE of Manacle Buoy
27/07/12 ILB Assist in recovery of capsized Yacht Shira, off Porthkerris
04/08/12 ILB Report of yacht in difficulties 2 miles SE of Portscatho
04/08/12 ILB Report of 16ft Motor Boat adrift near Turnaware Bar, Carrick Roads
04/08/12 ALB & ILB Search for person reported missing in a punt, Penryn River and Falmouth Inner Harbour
11/08/12 ALB & ILB Search for missing people, on coastline near Portscatho
13/08/12 ILB Medical evacuation from rocks at Little Molunan Beach, Near St Anthony Lighthouse
16/08/12 ALB Report of Liferaft adrift in Gerrans Bay
20/08/12 ILB Dinghy swamped and persons on the rocks, Nare Head, Gerrans Bay
26/08/12 ALB & ILB Motor Boat Emillia Marie taking water off Zone Point
27/08/12 ALB & ILB Capsized Catermaran off Maenporth Beach
29/08/12 ILB Capsized Sailing Dinghy off Penarrow Point, Carrick Roads
23/09/12 ALB & ILB Person in the water off Porthkerris Beach
28/09/12 ILB Two people cut off by the tide, Maenporth Beach
29/09/12 ALB & ILB Safety cover for detonation of Second World War German Parachute Mine off Helford
25/11/12 ILB Windsurfer in difficulty off Penarrow Point, Carrick Roads
26/12/12 ILB Search for owner following report of dog in the water, Penryn River