Total launches: 86 (All-weather lifeboat 26 and inshore lifeboat 60)


Date Lifeboat Incident
02/01/13 ILB Report of three divers in difficulties, Gyllyngvase Beach
05/01/13 ILB Report of vessel aground, The Bar, Helford River
09/01/13 ALB Medical evacuation from the Bulk Carrier Maciej Rataj, 6 miles SSE of Falmouth
27/01/13 ALB & ILB Four youths stuck on rocks, Pennance Point
01/02/13 ILB Person in the water, Falmouth Inner Harbour
10/02/13 ALB Fishing Boat Rebecca Too broken down, off Newporth Beach
17/02/13 ILB Tender adrift between Greenbank Quay and Coastlines Wharf in Penryn River
17/02/13 ILB Incident onboard yacht, off Point in Restronguet Creek
26/02/13 ALB Yacht Skibberdeen with electrical problems, Falmouth Bay
10/03/13 ALB Yacht Ailla of Mylor with engine problem, off Messack Point, Carrick Roads
10/03/13 ILB Person reported in the water, Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth Inner Harbour
10/03/13 ALB Irish Fishing Vessel Willie Joe aground in Falmouth Inner Harbour
20/03/13 ALB & ILB Medical emergency on board Sailing Training Vessel Pelican in Falmouth Inner Harbour
20/03/13 ALB & ILB Report of person trapped in car in the water, King Harry Reach, River Fal
26/03/13 ALB Medical Evacuation from Tanker Patae, 5 miles South of Falmouth
29/03/13 ILB Safety cover during the recovery of yacht Shona, aground at Royal Cornwall Yacht Club
06/04/13 ILB Search following report of landslip, Lambe Creek, opposite Malpas, Truro River
14/04/13 ILB Yachtsman trapped on yacht and requiring assistance, St Just Creek, Carrick Roads
18/04/13 ILB Person trapped in the mud, Gorrangorrras Creek, Penryn River
26/04/13 ILB Person reported in the water, Fish Strand Quay, Falmouth Inner Harbour
29/04/13 ALB Medical Evacuation from Tanker Paul Schulte, 5 miles South of Falmouth
01/05/13 ALB Yacht Emma caught on a fishing gear, 1 miles South of Manacle Buoy
03/05/13 ILB Rigid Inflatable broken down off Towan Beach, Gerrans Bay
05/05/13 ILB Motor Boat Liberty broken down 2 miles South of St Anthony Lighthouse
07/05/13 ALB Yacht Papillon requesting assistance in adverse weather, 0.5 miles North of Manacles
10/05/13 ILB Swimmers report in difficulty off Gyllyngvase Beach
14/05/13 ILB Punt in difficulties in adverse weather conditions in Falmouth Inner Harbour
14/05/13 ALB & ILB Gaff Cutter Freja dragging its anchor in Falmouth Inner Harbour
18/05/13 ILB Yacht Zephyr dismasted off Governor Buoy, Carrick Roads
21/05/13 ALB & ILB Yacht May Morning aground on Shoreline between St Mawes Castle and St Just
21/05/13 ILB Search for missing person between Meanporth and Pendennis Point
26/05/13 ILB Person stuck in the mud, Restronguet Creek
01/06/13 ILB Kayaker in difficulties off Portholland, Veryan Bay
02/06/13 ILB Cabin Cruiser broken down off Pendennis Point
07/06/13 ILB Request from Police for assistance, between Swanpool & Gyllyngvase
14/06/13 ILB Motor Boat broken down off Greeb Point, Gerrans Bay
14/06/13 ALB Cornish Shrimper with engine failure on lee shore in Carrick Roads
18/06/13 ALB Yacht Elimi becalmed with engine failure 8 miles SE of Zone Point
22/06/13 ILB Open Boat adrift in Penryn River
23/06/13 ILB Two kayaks and an inflatable in difficulties off Swanpool
23/06/13 ILB Day Boat Gi Gi broken down off Nare Point near mouth of Helford
05/07/13 ILB Request from Police for assistance, Penryn River
05/07/13 ALB & ILB Search for missing person, Falmouth and Penryn area
07/07/13 ALB & ILB Search following Mayday call, Falmouth Bay
11/07/13 ILB Persons cut off by the tide near Swanpool Beach
14/07/13 ILB Day Boat broken down off Gyllyngvase Beach
14/07/13 ILB Person with injury on Rigid Inflatable in Carrick Roads
18/07/13 ALB Yacht Pilgrim requiring assistance 2 miles Southeast of Pendennis Point
19/07/13 ILB Dory broken down in Restronguet Creek
20/07/13 ILB Person in difficulties in the water off Pendower Beach, Gerrans Bay
23/07/13 ILB Youths cut off by the tide between Swanpool and Gyllyngvase
27/07/13 ILB Person requiring medical attention after falling in the water in Truro River
07/08/13 ALB Yacht Bimba requiring assistance, 2 miles South of Zone Point
09/08/13 ALB & ILB Search for person in the water in Falmouth Inner Harbour
10/08/13 ILB Assistance in recovery of Calf stuck in the mud in Mylor Creek
13/08/13 ILB Yacht Danu becalmed with engine failure near Manacle Buoy
22/08/13 ILB Persons believed to be cut off by tide at Maenporth
24/08/13 ILB Persdon reported overdue in Falmouth Inner Harbour
25/08/13 ILB Rigid Inflatable broken down off entrance to Helford River
01/09/13 ILB Person reported in the water off Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, Falmouth Inner Harbour
01/09/13 ILB Child stuck on the rocks at Porth Luney Cove, Veryan Bay
02/09/13 ILB Medical evacuation from yacht Tequila in Carrick Roads
07/09/13 ALB & ILB Evacuation of injured person following collision between two working boats off St Mawes
10/09/13 ILB Tender found adrit in Falmouth Bay
28/09/13 ILB Person adrift in tender in the Penryn River
29/09/13 ALB Yacht Moonshine with fouled propeller off entrance to Helford River
02/10/13 ILB Inflatable Dinghy broken down off Pendennis Point
10/10/13 ILB Working Boat Holly Anne aground on Pennarow Point in Carrick Roads
11/10/13 ALB Stand by the Tug Ferox and two barges off Manacles
13/10/13 ILB Broken down speedboat South East of Portscatho
19/10/13 ILB Two kayakers reported struggling with conditions off Swanpool Beach
23/11/13 ILB Three kayakers reported in difficulties in surf off Maenporth Beach
05/12/13 ILB Person in punt in difficulties in Falmouth Inner Harbour
26/12/13 ALB & ILB Person in rowing boat requiring assistance, King Harry Reach, River Fal
27/12/13 ALB & ILB Report of boats in difficulties in adverse weather in Carrick Roads