Falmouth Lifeboat 2020 Service Calls (PDF eBook)

Falmouth Lifeboat 2020 Service Calls (PDF eBook)

The 2020 Service Calls for the Falmouth Lifeboat in 2020.

This book contains a detailed listing including the date, boat and description of every service call (Shout) undertaken by the Falmouth Lifeboayts in 2020.  It is 127 pages in length and is also available on Amazon as a Paperback and a Kindle Book.

This book contains a listing of all the service calls undertaken by the lifeboats stationed in Falmouth during 2020.

The inshore lifeboat was called out on 57 occasions and the all-weather lifeboat on 25 occasions. There were several instances where both boats were launched to the same incident and two services when the station’s boarding boat was also used.

Both boats also attend quayside services, sailing regattas and Lifeboat days throughout the summer helping to educate and raise awareness of sea safety issues as well as to raise funds.

All of the funds raised by this book go to the Falmouth Lifeboat Station in the first instance to meet the costs of our website hosting, software licenses etc.

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