Motor Cruiser taking water

Date: Sunday 21 March 2021

Location: Middle Point, Pendennis Headland

Weather: NE 3, Slight Sea and No Swell, Good Visibility, Overcast

All weather lifeboat: (Launched 12:10 / Returned 13:01) – Jonathon Blakeston (Coxswain), Dave Nicoll, Jonathan Hackwell, Sandy Procter, Adam West, Nick Head, Jamie Connolly


At 12:06 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth All Weather Lifeboat be launched following a Mayday call from an 11m Motor Cruiser with two persons on board which was taking water off Middle Point. Other vessels in the area responded to the Mayday call including several rigid inflatables.

The All Weather Lifeboat left its pontoon berth at 12:10 and having rounded the docks, located the casualty off Middle Point at 12:17. A number of vessels on scene were already assisting the motor cruiser and its occupants. The casualty vessel was secured alongside the lifeboat allowing several lifeboat crew and the salvage pump to be transferred to the vessel. The motor cruiser was found to have 0.5m of water in its bilges but once the pump was started the level of water was quickly reduced and no further water ingress was observed. The vessel was towed up the Penryn River where it was handed into the care of the work boat from Falmouth Marina at 12:48, the lifeboat being released to return to its station.

The All Weather Lifeboat was back alongside its pontoon berth by 13:01 where it was refuelled and made ready for service by 13:20.

The motor cruiser had been returning from a trip in Falmouth Bay when its skipper became aware of the ingress of water which was above the floorboards in the forward compartment. The skipper issued a Mayday call requesting immediate assistance, luckily there were other vessels in the local area and the lifeboat crew were still at the lifeboat station having just returned from an exercise ensuring a quick launch. It is believed that the water ingress may have been associated with the engines water coolant system and had ceased when the engine failed.

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