Report of an unmanned open boat

Date: Saturday 15 August 2020

Location: Off Greeb Point, Gerrans Bay

Weather: SW 3, Slight Sea and No Swell, Good Visibility, Sunny Periods

All weather lifeboat: (Launched 15:36 / Returned 16:07) – Luke Wills (2nd Coxswain), Dave Nicoll, Adam West, Will Allen, Andy Edwards, Joe Amps, Jack Williams

Inshore lifeboat: (Launched 15:32 / Returned 16:08) – Jamie Wakefield (Helmsman), Tom Bird, Neil Capper, James Murray


At 15:24 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat be launched following a report from the Portscatho NCI Lookout of an unmanned open boat adrift off Greeb Point in Gerrans Bay. The decision was made at 15:30 to also launch the All Weather Lifeboat to provide additional resource should a search be required.

The Inshore Lifeboat launched from her slipway at 15:32 followed by the All Weather Lifeboat which left its pontoon berth at 15:36. The Inshore Lifeboat rounded Zone Point and headed up to the east arriving on scene at 15:44. The open boat was located at anchor and by 15:50 the Inshore Lifeboat crew had located the owner on the shoreline who confirmed all was well so both lifeboat were stood down to return to their station.

The All Weather Lifeboat was back alongside its pontoon berth at 16:07 and was made ready for service by 16:20. The Inshore Lifeboat was back on its slipway by 16:08 where it was refuelled and made ready for service by 16:33.

The Portscatho NCI Lookout had become concerned for the wellbeing of the occupants of a 5m open boat with its engine down and fishing rods rigged which appeared to be drifting with no one on board off Greeb Point. The occupants had safely anchored their boat and gone ashore on kayaks so while this turned out to be a false alarm the situation could have been totally different.

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