Falmouth All Weather Lifeboat was launched at 19:35 to assist 24m French Fishing Trawler Alf 6 miles SSE of Lizard Point. The Lizard Lifeboat had launched earlier in the day to assist the vessel which had broken down 30 miles South of Lizard Point in severe weather conditions. The Lizard lifeboat had taken the vessel in tow but had requested assistance form the Falmouth Lifeboat when one of the Lizard crew had been injured.

The Lifeboat arrived on scene at 20:34 and once the tow was established the journey back to Falmouth commenced at 21:10. The All Weather lifeboat and the fishing vessel arrived in the Inner Harbour at 03:00 where both the Inshore Lifeboat and the stations Boarding Boat assisted in placing the vessel on a visitors mooring in the harbour.

The lifeboats were back at their station and ready for service by 03:30.