Yacht Gin Cracker with rudder failure on a lee shore

Date: Saturday 9 June 2018

Location: Middle Point, Pendennis Headland

Weather: SE 2, Slight Sea and Swell, Good Visibility, Sunny

All weather lifeboat: (Launched 13:58 / Returned 14:50) – Luke Wills (2nd Coxswain), Carl Beardmore, Andy Jenkin, Tom Bird, Sandy Procter, Elliot Holman, Will Allen


At 13:51 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth All Weather Lifeboat be launched to assist the 8m Yacht Gin Cracker with four persons on board which had lost its rudder and was in danger of being driven onto a lee shore on the Pendennis Headland.

The All Weather Lifeboat left its pontoon berth at 13:58 and having rounded the Falmouth Docks arrived on scene off Middle Point at 14:04, to find the yacht 200m off the shore. A tow line was passed to the yacht and it was towed into deeper water before being taken to the entrance to Mylor Harbour where it was handed over to the Mylor Workboat at 14:37, the All Weather Lifeboat being then released to return to its station.

The All Weather Lifeboat arrived back alongside its pontoon berth at 14:50 where it was refuelled and ready for service by 15:05.

The yacht, a GK24 had been sailing off Pendennis Point when its rudder had failed, and being on a lee shore the skipper had wisely requested assistance.