Yacht Sea Flirt requiring assistance

Date: Thursday 26 April 2018

Location: 7 miles South of Falmouth

Weather: SSE 3, Slight Sea and Swell, Good Visibility, Overcast

All weather lifeboat: (Launched 23:00 / Returned 00:56) – Luke Wills (2nd Coxswain), Dave Nicoll, Sandy Procter, Adam West, Jamie Wakefield, Will Allen, Dan Lilley


At 22:47 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth All Weather Lifeboat be launched to assist the 11m yacht Sea Flirt with one person on board which had reported engine failure and being becalmed 7 miles South of Falmouth.

The All Weather Lifeboat left its pontoon berth at 23:00 and having rounded the Docks headed out across Falmouth Bay arriving on scene at 23:31. A line was passed to the yacht and by 23:36 the tow back to Falmouth had commenced. The yacht was taken to the Falmouth Yacht Haven where it was safely moored at 00:50, the lifeboat being released to return to its station.

The All Weather Lifeboat arrived back alongside its pontoon berth at 00:56 where it was refuelled and ready for service by 01:10.

The yacht which had been on passage from Falmouth to Lanzarote had suffered gearbox failure in a position 1 mile southeast of the Manacle Rocks. As the yacht was slowing drifting towards the rocks the skipper had requested assistance.