Fishing Boat Wild Rover taking water

Sunday 29 May 2016

Location: Gorrangorras Creek, Penryn River

Weather: E 1, Calm Sea and No Swell, Fair Visibility, Sunny

Inshore lifeboat (Launched 10:14 / Returned 10:41) – Diane Bush (Helmsman), Sandy Procter, Neil Capper

All-weather lifeboat (Launched 10:14 / Returned 10:25) – Luke Wills (2nd Coxswain), Dave Nicoll, Tom Bird, Andy Jenkin, Josh Beardmore, Adam West, Elliot Holman


Both of Falmouth’s Lifeboats were afloat in Falmouth Bay preparing for an exercise with the Coastguard Helicopter when at 10:14 Falmouth Coastguard requested that the Lifeboats proceed to assist the 8m Fishing Boat Wild Rover which had reported that it was taking on water in the Penryn River.

Once the Inshore Lifeboat had rounded Pendennis Point it headed back into the Inner Harbour and then up Penryn River arriving on scene off Gorrangorras Creek at 10:20. The All Weather Lifeboat which had rigged its salvage pump also headed back into the Inner Harbour but her speed was limited by the high level of traffic so arrangements were also made with the Falmouth Marina for the option of an emergency lift out.

At 10:25 the Inshore Lifeboat reported that it had taken the Fishing Boat in tow and was heading for the marina so the All Weather Lifeboat was released to return to its exercise. The Inshore Lifeboat arrived at the marina at 10:35 where the casualty vessel was handed into the care of the marina staff so they could lift it out of the water, the Inshore Lifeboat departing the marina at 10:41.

Having completed the service both lifeboats returned to their exercise with the Coastguard Helicopter.

The Fishing Boat Wild Rover had been on its mooring when the single handed skipper realised that the vessel had sprung a plank and was taking water on board. The skipper had called for assistance and had then managed to partially stem the flow of the water allowing the vessels pumps to maintain the ingress long enough for the vessel to be towed to the marina and to be lifted out of the water.