Persons stranded

Date: Thursday 16 May 2019

Location: Gillan Creek

Weather: E 6, Moderate Sea and Swell, Fair Visibility, Overcast

Inshore lifeboat: (Launched 13:56 / Returned 15:06) – Jamie Wakefield(Helmsman), Andy Edwards, Lloyd Barron


At 13:50 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat be launched following a call from two people who were stranded on a yacht in Gillan Creek.

The Inshore Lifeboat launched from her slipway at 13:56 and having rounded Pendennis Point headed across the bay arriving in Gillan Creek at 14:13. The casualties were located on a moored yacht in the upper reaches of the creek above the bar. Due to the state of the tide the Inshore Lifeboat was unable to initially reach the casualties but with a flooding tide this soon became possible and both were transferred to the lifeboat before being taken safely back ashore. The Inshore Lifeboat being released at 14:38 to return to its station.

The Inshore Lifeboat was recovered onto its slipway at 15:06 where the lifeboat was refuelled and made ready for service by 15:20.

The two people involved were on holiday walking from the Helford to St Ives on the South Coastal Footpath. They had been attempting to cross the creek when they got caught out by the incoming tide and with the water around their knees had decided to climb on board a nearby bilge keel yacht before calling for assistance. They were both very grateful for the assistance they were given.