Report of Drifting Tender

Monday 23 November 2015

Location: Off Governor Buoy

Weather: E 2, Calm Sea and Slight Swell, Good Visibility, Partly Cloudy

Inshore lifeboat (Launched 07:45 / Returned 08:40) – Josh Beardmore (Helmsman), Tom Bird, Derren Plaister


At 07:36 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth inshore lifeboat be launched following a report of a tender adrift between Governor Buoy and the Eastern Arm of Falmouth Docks. The Pilot Boat Arrow was in the area and also proceeded to check out the report.

The inshore lifeboat launched from her slipway at 07:45 and headed out of the Inner Harbour arriving on scene off Governor Buoy at 07:50. The inshore lifeboat was able to confirm that the tender showed no sign of recent occupation and having checked the immediate are then towed the tender back into the Inner Harbour where it was taken to the Grove Place Dinghy Park and was deposited ashore at 08:30. The inshore lifeboat was then released to return to its station.

The inshore lifeboat was recovered onto its slipway at 08:40, being refuelled and ready for service by 09:00.

It appears that the dinghy had broken free and had drifted out of the harbour on the ebb tide.

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