Yacht dragging anchor and colliding with another yacht

Date: Thursday 29 July 2021

Location: Off Parson’s Creek, Truro River

Weather: S 6-7, Moderate Sea and No Swell, Fair Visibility, Overcast with Rain

Inshore lifeboat: (Proceeded 21:28 / Returned 22:44) – Nick Head (Helmsman), Luke Wills, Jamie Wakefield, Tamara Brookes


At 21:18 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat be launched a call from a yacht with two persons on board which was dragging its anchor off Parson’s Creek, near Maggoty Bank in the Truro River. The yacht was colliding with another moored yacht and there was concern for the wellbeing of both crews.

The Inshore Lifeboat launched from its slipway at 21:28 and headed up the Carrick Roads and River Fal, arriving on scene in the Truro River at 21:53. The yachts crew confirmed that they had fouled the anchor warp of another yacht and were concerned that the line might be around their propellor. The Inshore Lifeboat stood by while the yacht raised its own anchor and started its engine. It was confirmed that the propellor was clear, so the yacht reset its anchor and once it was confirmed at 22:20 that they were holding position the Inshore Lifeboat was then released to return to its station.

The Inshore Lifeboat was recovered on to its slipway at 22:44 where it was refuelled and made ready for service by 23:04.

A large number of yachts had decided to take shelter in both the River Fal and Truro Rivers due to the onset of Storm Evert. As the wind picked up the casualty vessel dragged its anchor and collided with another yacht with the potential of both yachts being driven ashore. The yacht had put out a Pan Broadcast on its VHF Radio and the Coastguard had tasked the Inshore Lifeboat to assist.

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