Hire Boat stuck on the mud

Crew: Sandy Procter (Helmsman), Dave Nicoll, Adam West
Location: Trethem Creek, Percuil River
Shout Date: 25/07/2015 – 14:02
Weather:W 3, Slight Sea and No Swell, Good Visibility, Sunny

Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat was attending the St Mawes Boat Show when at 14:02 Falmouth Coastguard requested that they proceed up the Percuil River to try and locate a hire boat whose occupants had reported being stuck on the mud. The owner of the hire boat was already trying to locate them.

The Inshore Lifeboat left St Mawes at 14:04 and commenced its search of the Percuil River at 14:06 working its way up river checking all the creeks on the way. At 14:28 the hire boat was located in Trethem Creek on a mud bank. Two of the lifeboat crew entered the water and made their way across the soft mud to the boat to check on the casualty’s well-being and to assess the best way of extracting them. Both were unharmed but they were cold and with another three hours to low water it was decided that they should be removed from the boat. Due to the nature of the soft mud and being over 30m from the shoreline the Falmouth Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team were requested with their specialist mud rescue equipment. Portscatho Cliff Rescue Team was also tasked to assist.

One of the lifeboat crew remained with the casualties while the other one returned to the Inshore Lifeboat to assist as required. The cliff teams arrived on scene at 15:40 and using their specialist equipment had recovered both casualties and the lifeboat crewmember to the shore by 16:05. The crewmember then re-joined the Inshore Lifeboat and at 16:15 it headed back down river to locate the hire boat owner to hand over various equipment. Having completed this task at 16:33 the Inshore Lifeboat was released to return to its station.

The Inshore Lifeboat was back on its slipway at 16:50 where it was refuelled, rehoused and ready for service by 17:15.

The casualties on the hire boat had been enjoying an afternoon exploring the upper reaches of the Percuil River when they had run aground on the mud bank. As the tide was ebbing fast they had been unable to get the boat free and had then contacted the coastguard for assistance. The boat deployed so that the owner could collect it on the next tide. This rescue was a great example of team work between the Coastguard Teams and the Inshore Lifeboat. Special thanks also should go to the King Harry Ferry for the rapid way in which they got the Falmouth Cliff Team’s vehicles across the River Fal on a very busy summer’s day