Potential sighting of a drifting Liferaft

Date: Tuesday 3 April 2018

Location: Off West Portholland, Veryan Bay

Weather: S 4, Slight Sea and Swell, Good Visibility, Sunny Periods

All weather lifeboat: (Launched 09:39 / Returned 09:43) – Dave Nicoll (Deputy 2nd Coxswain), Tom Bird, Neil Capper, Adam West, Jamie Wakefield, Adrian Hingston, Will Allen


At 09:31 Falmouth Coastguard requested that Falmouth All Weather Lifeboat be launched to investigate a report of a drifting liferaft off West Portholland. The Portscatho Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team was also tasked to assist.

The All Weather Lifeboat left its pontoon berth at 09:39 but soon afterwards at 09:41 it was confirmed by the first informant that the object was in fact a large orange inflatable fender or marker so the lifeboat was released to return to its station.

The All Weather Lifeboat arrived back alongside its pontoon berth at 09:43 where it was ready for service by 09:50.

While this turned out to be a false alarm the member of public was right to report what they had seen. The lifeboat was called out a couple of years ago to a similar object which turned out to be military target buoy.