Yacht Klahanie reported adrift

Date: Thursday 6 July 2017

Location: Restronguet Creek, Carrick Roads

Weather: W 3, Slight Sea and No Swell, Good Visibility, Sunny

Inshore lifeboat: (Launched 15:18 / Returned 16:13) – Josh Beardmore (Helmsman), Tom Bird, Jamie Wakefield


At 15:15 Falmouth Coastguard requested the launch of Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat to investigate a drifting yacht in the Restronguet Creek.

The Inshore Lifeboat launched from her slipway at 15:18 and headed up the Carrick Roads arriving in the Restronguet Creek at 15:36. The 10m yacht Klahanie was located under tow by another vessel. The Inshore Lifeboat checked over the yacht which showed there was no sign of recent occupancy and that it appeared to have broken free from its mooring. The yacht was therefore towed to a nearby mooring where it was made secure and at 16:01 the Inshore Lifeboat was therefore released to return to its station.

The Inshore Lifeboat was recovered onto its slipway at 16:13 where the lifeboat was refuelled and made ready for service by 16:30.