Report of two overdue divers

Sunday 11 June 2017

Location: Carn Du, Manacle Rocks

Weather: SSW 4, Moderate Sea and Slight Swell, Good Visibility, Overcast

Inshore lifeboat (Launched 11:11 / Returned 11:33) – Neil Capper (Helmsman), Tom Bird, Jamie Connoly

All-weather lifeboat (Launched 11:14 / Returned 11:25) – Luke Wills (2nd Coxswain), Jonathan Blakeston, Carl Beardmore, Dave Nicoll, Jonathan Hackwell, Sandy Procter, Elliot Holman


At 11:04 Falmouth Coastguard requested that both Falmouth All Weather and Inshore Lifeboats be launched following a report from a diving boat of two overdue divers off Carn Du in the Manacles. The Porthoustock Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team and the Coastguard Helicopter were also tasked to assist.

The Inshore Lifeboat launched from her slipway at 11:11 followed shortly afterwards by the All Weather Lifeboat which left its pontoon berth at 11:14. But at 11:20 as both lifeboats were heading out past Pendennis Point the dive boat reported that the divers had been located on the surface, so as soon as it was confirmed that no additional medical assistance was required the lifeboats were released to return to their station.

The All Weather Lifeboat arrived back alongside its pontoon berth at 11:25, with the Inshore Lifeboat being recovered onto its slipway at 11:33 with both being refuelled and ready for service by 11:45.

The diving boat had been right to report as soon as the divers were considered overdue before commencing its own search. Thankfully the divers were quickly located and the lifeboats could be released.